101 Fun Kitchen Gadgets

We love to cook, but sometimes our kitchens lack a little fun. Have no fear, this epic list of fun, unique and functional kitchen gadgets will inject some much-needed humor into your cooking space. What’s more, these items won’t break the bank (most are under $10!) and make excellent gift ideas for your favorite foodie.


Pastasaurus Pasta Server

Kids and adults will love serving pasta with this ergonomic dinosaur-shaped server.

Bear Mitts

Bear Paw Oven Mitts

Don’t get your bare hands burned – get these bear hands instead!


ManaTEA Silicone Infuser

Your tea will taste much nicer with this cute ManaTEA (see what they did there?) peeking over the edge.

Upside Down Beer Glass

Upside Down Beer Glass

Slightly drunk guests are sure to be confused by this topsy turvy beer glass.

Floppy Disk Coasters

Floppy Disk Drink Coasters

Remind your guests about 1990s data storage with these wipe-clean silicone floppy disk coasters.

Skull Egg Frier

Skull Egg Shaper

Make your daily fry-up more exciting with a skull-shaped egg mould. Perfect for Halloween, or people that hate mornings.

Ninjabread Men

Ninjabread Men Cutters

Forget those boring old gingerbread men – these NINJAbread men will liven up any lunchbox.

Holy Toast Stamper

Holy Toast Bread Stamper

Get your day off to a good start by stamping an image of the Virgin Mary on your toast. Yes, I’m serious. It’s a Holy Toast stamper.

Novelty Rubber Gloves

Hand Puppet Dish Gloves

Washing the dishes will never be dull again with these hand puppet dish gloves. Great for people that live alone (!).

Tardis Mug

Doctor Who Tardis Mug

Travel back in time to before you burnt dinner with the Doctor Who Tardis phone booth mug.

Lego Cutlery

LEGO-style Cutlery

Ok, these brick utensils not officially from LEGO, but you’d never guess. So much for not playing at the dinner table…

Magic Wand Salt Pepper

Salt and Pepper Wands

Make a wish with every meal when you shake your salt and pepper wands. Be amazed when meals magically improve in flavor!

Gorilla Whisk

King Kong Whisk

Shake the gorilla whisk while you whisk up egg whites and batters and watch him rattle the cage with rage.

Guitar Chopping Board

Guitar Chopping Board

Add a guitar chopping board to your kitchen line up. An official Fender Strat replica, to be precise.

Veggie Sharpener

Veggie Sharpener

Feel like a tiny person with this giant pencil sharpener-style veggie slicer.

Bear Meat Claws

Bear Claw Meat Shredder

Shred meat like Wolverine with this bear claw meat shredder. Sure to turn heads at any BBQ. Pulls all the pork you desire.

Pirate Bottle Opener

Pirate Bottle Opener

Arr, you old sea dog, use this pirate bottle opener on all your favorite beer and wine bottles. Buried treasure not included.

Mustache Cake Toppers

Mustache Food Picks

Offset any cupcake, finger food or party snack with a touch of gentlemanly elegance thanks to these mustache food picks.

Fist Drink Cooler

Giant Fist Can Cooler

Want to hold am ice-cold beer while looking like you have a giant hand? Great! Then you’ll love this giant hand beer cooler!

Golf Bbq Tool Stand

Golf BBQ Caddy

Keep BBQ tongs and tools tidy in this neat golf caddy BBQ tool set. Fore!

Darth Vader Cake Pan

Darth Vader Cake ​Pan

The force will be with you when baking anything in this Darth Vader cake pan.


Spiralizer Spiral Slicer

You’ll end up eating way more veggies once you’ve made them all look like party streamers with this funky veggie spiralizer.

Rub Away Soap

Rub Away Bar

It might look like something from the future, but this shiny bar is actually magic odor-removing ‘soap’.

Jelly Knife

Jelly Spreader Knife

Never leave a drop in the bottom of the jar again with this jelly spreader knife. Also works great for peanut butter and other spreads.

Pineapple Slicer

Stainless Steel Pineapple Slicer

Fresh, juicy pineapple that looks like you got it from a can! Never hack away at a pineapple again with this pineapple corer and slicer.

Vintage Apron

1950s-style Apron

Cook like it’s 1959 in this retro fashion apron. Luckily, you can stick it in the washing machine too.

Heat Resistant Gloves

Premium Oven Gloves

Finally, some oven gloves that actually protect you from the heat. It’s really easy to maneuver around the kitchen, they look neat and they’re guaranteed for life.

Silicone Spatulas

Silicone Spatula Set

Add a splash of color to your kitchen with a set of 4 silicone spatulas.

Geisha Bento Box

Geisha Bento Box

Your lunch will taste much nicer if you pack it in a stylish bento box. This Geisha is designed and made in Japan. 

Bacon Bandages

Bacon Bandages

Next time you have a little kitchen accident, you can stick on one of these bacon band aids. Don’t try to eat it though.

Lemon Squeezer

Easy Lemon Squeezer

Get every last drop from your lemons with the enameled easy lemon squeezer. Works on limes too.

Lightsabre Chopsticks

Star Wars Lightsabre Chopsticks

The force will be with you the next time you slurp up some noodles with lightsabre chopsticks. Also available in other colors – one for each of your guests!

Elephant Teapot

Elephant Teapot

Sip tea in style with this elephant teapot. Dishwasher safe and made from fine porcelain.

Basketball Fridge Magnet

Basketball Fridge Magnet

Slam dunk your daily fruit portion into this basketball fridge magnet and never miss out on your 5-a-day again.

Unicorn Sprinkles

Unicorn Sugar Shaker

Adding sprinkles to your cakes has never been so much fun. With a unicorn sugar shaker, your cakes will taste like magic. Probably.

Owl Spoon Rest

Owl Spoon Rest

Aside from looking lovely on your kitchen counter, this delightful owl spoon rest with help you keep those pesky spoons in check.

Digital Kitchen Timer

Digital Kitchen Timer

Move over analog, this Kitchen Aid digital timer is easy-to-use and adds a touch of style to any kitchen.

Stoneware Measuring Spoons

Stoneware Measuring Spoons

Don’t settle for plastic; these fine stoneware measuring spoons are also delicately decorated with intricate color-coded designs.

Toadstool Bottle Stoppers

Fairy Mushroom Wine Stoppers

These cute wine stopper toadstools come in a set of 3 and fit most standard wine bottles.