12 Not-Too-Soppy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Dudes

Dudes. You love them. But what do they really want for Valentine’s Day? (keep it clean, ladies). Let’s delve into the male ego and let you in on 12 just-manly-enough gifts to make your guy smile.

Beard Grooming Kit

1. Beard Grooming Kit

This manly beard kit is great for that special hairy someone. It comes with pictures of pirates, so you know it’s for men.

Mmmm, I can almost smell the pine tar soap.

Slim Wallet

2. Super Slim Wallet

Whether he’s a front or back pocket guy, this super slim wallet will never create unsightly bulges. *Ahem.*


3. Craft Beer Set

Pilsner, lager, ale – these might sound like a foreign language to you, but have no fear, these frothy craft beers will go down a treat.

Disclaimer: 1950s beer guy not included.

Snack Dispenser

4. Hardcore Snack Dispenser

Two cylinders of pure, snack joy. Perhaps it could be a “his n’ hers” (or “his n’ his” etc) thing.

Suitable for cereal, nuts, and snacks galore.

Bbq Gloves

5. BBQ Gloves

Move over Mr. BBQ Tongs, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Everyone will enjoy picking up super hot food (or anything, really) in these jazzy silicone BBQ gloves.


6. Manhood by Terry Crews

​NFL hero-turned-TV Star Terry Crews chronicles his lifelong quest to become a better man, husband and father.

This is a not a hint. Honest.


7. MagLite Flashlight

The ultimate flashlight, it’s durable, reliable, bright and, most importantly, looks pretty slick.

And, it’s available in 5 shiny colors.

Thermos King

8. Thermos Stainless King

It’s called the “king” for a reason. This Thermos will keep any hot drink nice and steamy for 24 hours.

Great for outdoor trips or a really, really long day at the office.

Bear Slippers

9. Bear Paw Slippers

Rooooooaaaaar! These furry bear slippers are great for any guy that spends half the morning grunting.

Also nice and toasty.

Gin Kit

10. Homemade Gin Kit

RoGet him to start brewing this year and you’ll be sipping gin on Valentine’s Day next year. Awww.

Coffee Grinder

11. KRUPS coffee bean grinder

Grind coffee beans in seconds – your house will smell divine.

Also work great on nuts, spices and anything else you want to turn into very tiny pieces.

Vintage Rucksack

12. Vintage Rucksack

This vintage rucksack has pockets and compartments for anything and everything.

Uber-practical, stylish and perfect for day trips. Hint, hint!