17 Snaptastic Gifts For Photographers

Know someone who can’t be separated from their camera? Then it’s time to get them the ultimate snap-tastic photography gift. Thankfully, there are plenty of fun, unusual and innovative gifts that won’t cost the earth. Or, of course, if you’re a big spender you can always get them a Go Pro. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a Go Pro? (answers on a postcard please).

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

1. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

What? You bought me a camera lens, thanks…oh, hold on, its a coffee cup – even better! This coffee cup camera lens will fit any camera and, trust me, it’s an awful lot cheaper than an actual lens.

Suitable for biscuit dunking.

Gorilla Pod

2. Flexible Tripod

Wrap it around trees, on wonky surfaces, hang it out of the car window…any photography fan will love this super flexible tripod.

Warning: may make you look like a hipster.

Camera T Shirt

3. Camera T-Shirt

This colorful retro camera t-shirt will go great with a pair of jeans and ​accompany any photographer on their next trip.

Camera Cufflinks

4. Camera Cufflinks

Know a snappy dresser (pun completely intended)? Then get them some camera cufflinks to add a little uniqueness to any shirt.

Sdhd Card

5. SD Memory

No photographer will hate having a couple more SD cards in their backpocket. If in doubt, SDHC is your best bet.

Fisheye Lens

6. Smartphone Fish-eye Lens

This nifty little fisheye lens fits on almost any smartphone or tablet and produces amazing fisheye and wide-angle effects.

It’s pretty much a pocket-sized Go Pro. But a lot cheaper.

Microfiber Camera Cloths

7. Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

Never let a rogue piece of lint ruin your holiday snaps again. Best buy a multipack; these things have a habit of getting misplaced (or stolen by glasses-wearers…).

Works great on your smartphone too.

Camera Toilet Roll

8. Polaroll Toilet Paper Holder

Never let a rogue piece of lint ruin your holiday snaps again. Best buy a multipack; these things are guaranteed to make all your guests smile (and check it’s not recording), this camera toilet roll holder is a fine addition to any photographer’s bathroom.

Float Strap

9. Waterproof Camera Float

The perfect accessory for a waterproof camera – this simple wrist band will make sure your camera floats back to the surface if (and when) you let it go.

Photography Book

10. How To Create Stunning Digital Photography Book

For the knowledge-hungry snapper. Or, you know, that person you know who thinks they’re better than they are. The book also comes with a 9-hour video series.

I Shoot People Mug

11. I Shoot People Mug

For people that shoot people, in the good way.

Beach Proof Camera Case

12. Beach-proof Camera Pouch

Transform any camera into a waterproof, sandproof miracle. Great for beach holidays or clumsy folk.

Holga Plastic Camera

13. Holga Plastic Camera

Move over metal, Holga has a complete range of uber-trendy plastic cameras in a range of colors and styles.

Delivers a unique image style thanks to a plastic lens (it’s super cheap too!).

Snack Cap Lens Cap

14. Hamburger Lens Cap

Yes, you can really buy this. For the fast food lover with a passion for lens caps.

Fujifilm Instax

15. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

Slim, lightweight instant camera.

Because sometimes, it’s nice to touch your photos. And, you know, stick them all over the place.

Camera Pendant

16. Miniature Camera Pendant

Tiny, yes. Still beautiful? Of course. This camera pendant will not weight you down (unlike that bulky SLR).

Go Pro Hero

17. GoPro HERO

I saved the best ’till last. The GoPro Hero will make your everyday life look like an action sports documentary. Honest.