Nerd Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

Nerds! We love you. Treat the special nerd in your life to an unforgettable gift this year. These nerdy gift ideas are so awesome, you’ll probably want to get most of them for yourself. I know I do…

Nerd Block 02

1. Loot Crate Subscription

A great nerd gift is for life, not just for Valentine’s Day. With a Loot Crate subscription you’ll get a monthly box crammed full of nerdy apparel, toys, and collectables. Aces!

Amazon Prime

2. Amazon Prime Subscription

What could be nerdier than free access to millions of songs, countless TV shows and movies and free next-day delivery for a year? 

Let’s be honest, you’ll probably be logging in to use their account just as often as they do.​

Snack Dispenser

3. Hardcore Snack Dispenser

Two cylinders of pure, snack joy. Set it up next to the Wii/PlayStation/X Box and enjoy a crumb-tastic gaming experience.

Suitable for cereal, nuts, and snacks galore.

Gaming T Shirt

4. Gaming tees

There are literally thousands of different gaming tees​ available online. If you’re not sure exactly what game they’re into at the moment, go for something classic like this Nintendo controller shirt that’s sure to be popular.

Game Of Thrones Bookends

5. Game of Thrones Bookends

​Nerd up any shelf or bookcase with this Game of Thrones bookend set. Ok, they’re not actually carved from stone, but they sure look awesome.

Lego Brick Mug

6. LEGO Brick Mug

Possibly the nerdiest mug of all time, this official LEGO brick mug is made for human hands. 

While away your coffee break building up the sides.​

R2d2 Measuring Cups

7. Star Wars R2D2 Measuring Cup Set

PossibDoes your favorite Star Wars nerd love to bake? Then you’ve just found the perfect gift – a complete measuring cup set styled after the galaxy’s most-beloved droid.